Privacy Policy

Haggle Textbooks is completely freeto download. The entire functionality of Haggle Textbooks is free unless a user  accepts PayPal as a method of payment. In the case of accepting PayPal, a "Haggle Fee" of $.80 will be taken from the total payment made for books under $20. A fee of $1 will be taken for books $20 and over. These payments are in addition to PayPal's processing fee.

At Haggle Textbooks, privacy and safety are at the upmost importance to our users. The app requires users to enter in information such as email and a username. Emails will never be shared with anyone outside of our servers, neither private nor public. The app allows for users to enter in a valid PayPal email in order to send and receive payments for books. This feature is optional and uses PayPal payment system in order to transfer payments. To view PayPal's terms of service and privacy policy, click here. We want to assure all users that throughout the course of using the app, PayPal information along with email information is never shared and is secure. Thanks for using Haggle Textbooks!

What is Haggle?

Our Mission at Haggle Textbooks is to provide a localized textbook marketplace where students can buy and sell their textbooks safely, securely, and with the best possible economic terms.

Our Mission

Haggle Textbooks is the first and only app that allows students from the same university to connect in order to buy and sell textbooks with one another. Haggle uses an extremely intuitive user interface to make searching for, buying, and listing textbooks as easy and enjoyable as possible. On Haggle Textbooks, any student whose university is supported by our system can list a book for sale using our ISBN barcode scanner as well as make offers to buy any books that they may need for their classes next semester.

The Founders.

Terms of Service

Haggle was founded by two college students at Texas Christian University, Daniel Younan and Mason Tucker. After being fed up with the extremely high prices of the bookstore on their campus, as well as the terrible buy back programs which left them with nearly nothing after they spent hundreds of dollars on books at the beginning of the semester, the Haggle founders knew a change was needed. From this problem, a solution was born in Haggle Textbooks.

The Story

The Story

Haggle's founders, Mason Tucker and Daniel Younan, are both from Southern California and students at Texas Christian University with backgrounds in business, accounting, and economics.