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Why isn't Haggle Textbooks at my university yet?

Haggle Textbooks is still new. We are looking to grow and expand to new universities as soon as possible. If you think Haggle Textbooks could benefit students at your school, please send us an email from the contact portion of our site!

Why can't I make an account using my yahoo or google email?

Haggle Textbooks is built to be localized to college students within the same university. We make you use your .edu to distinguish which university you are at so you only can buy and sell to people at your college. Also, using a .edu ensures to us that you are truly a college student.

Do I have to put in my credit/debit card information to buy/sell a book?

No! The option to use credit/debit card information is solely to make purchasing and accepting payment easier for the user. There is no requirement to enter in card info and any user can deal solely in cash if they want.

If I accept an offer for a book, is there no changing that?

After an offer is accepted for a book, both the buyer and the seller have an option to cancel the deal until payment has been received. In the event of a cancelled deal, the book will be restored to the results page if searched.

Will my credit card information ever be shared if I choose to take purchases?

Absolutely not. Credit/Debit card info is confidential and will not be

shared. Refer to our privacy policy for more information on this.